1. Create

Generate compliant electronic securities tailored to your needs

2. Issue

Offer your securities to a pool of eligible investors

3. Liquidity assurance

Compliantly list your securities on a secondary market


We create electronic securities tailored to the individual business needs of the issuer and all relevant regulatory issuance and secondary trading requirements

  • Leverage team of Wall Street and Silicon Valley pioneers with 25+ years of experience to generate electronic securities
  • Apply our additional compliance features such as KYC, AML and Transfer Agent electronic services to guarantees regulatory compliance and safe custody
  • Customized Reg CF and Reg A+ issuance models that ensure access to compliant secondary trading markets

Integrate our proprietary, in-house suite of electronic securities solutions for a seamless investment and trading process

  • KYCWare: Onboard and verify investors using a white-label KYC smartphone app under your company brand
  • AMLCop: Screen investors against an advanced AML database of global sanctions, PEPs and watchlists
  • CustodyWare: Enable an SEC registered Transfer Agent to compliantly custody your securities, manage transfers, and maintain accurate shareholder listings
  • Open Order Book: Offer liquidity assurance to investors with compliant secondary trading on our affiliated electronic securities marketplace

Efficiently raise capital through a Reg CF or a Reg A+ securities offering

  • Electronic securities issuance platform that is fully equipped to comply with Regulation A+, Regulation CF, or Regulation D offerings
  • Access partnership network of service providers to support your offering including attorneys and Transfer Agents
  • Provide compliant and efficient process to meet the needs of both issuers and investors while adhering to securities regulations

Why ETSware?

One size does not fit all
Your company & its goals are unique - we think your electronic securities should be too. Our securities platform offers a hands-on approach, collaborating directly with your team to understand and implement your company's needs directly into your electronic securities offering.
Enhanced flexibility & compliance
Instead of outsourcing KYC, AML and custody services, the ETSware solution integrates across our technology platform so our issuers maintain compliance.
One-stop shop from issuance through secondary trading
ETSware is the only electronic securities issuance platform with an integrated suite of solutions covering the entire lifecycle of your securities, from issuance to compliant secondary trading. This makes for a seamless capital raising experience for you and your investors.
Leaders in Reg CF, Reg A+, Reg D
Our team is made up of proven technologists, Wall Street veterans, & JOBS ACT pioneers who have led the charge for Regulation A+ and Regulation D offerings, including team members responsible for the first Reg A+ IPO to list directly onto the NYSE and others that listed directly onto NASDAQ.

The New Age of Securities

Keylock Automated Compliance Reduced Friction Increased Transparency Increased Liquidity Potential Our CustodyWare solution facilitates the transfer agent to pay dividends or otherdistributions to shareholders instantaneously. Maintain up-to-date shareholder listings and extensive reporting for internal management and any regulatory oversight. After any required lock-up period, public shares and private placements alike can be freely traded 24/7 with T+0 settlement amongst all eligible investors over 18. Our technology takes a mostly manual and paper-based system for issuing securities anddigitizes it to offer a more efficient fundingroute for your business. Timestamped records of all transactionsstored on regulatory compliant storage andretention media for enhanced investorand issuer protection. Our securities platform embeds compliancewith SEC and FINMA regulations,Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Identification Program (CIP),Anti-money laundering (AML), investor accreditation and more. Accurate Shareholder& Cap Table Management Instantaneous Dividends or Distribution Payments

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